Libil /ˈlɪbɪl/

A Library for Bahasa Walikan Yogyakarta and Malang

Ruby Download

gem install libil

JS Download

npm install libil
bower install libil

Clojure Download

dependencies: [[libil "0.1.1"]]

September 05, 2014 Update: The libil Javascript library is now available on CDNJS. To use on your webpage simply include this script tag to your page.

<script src=""> </script>

Basa Walikan is a way to to encode your message (usually written in Javanese), similar to Caesar Cipher. But Instead of using Latin alphabet as the subtitution, It uses Javanese Script to form the rule. It only shift the consonants, not vocal. The usage of this kind of 'encoded' language is profound among people in Yogyakarta. It's even used by famous local brand. This Page explains the rules clearly. There's another style of Bahasa Walikan in Malang. The rule for Malang is a lot more simpler, it just reverse the whole word. But there's a gotcha here, for digraph like ng and ny you'd need to be careful not to flip that. Check My post on for details

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